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Kids Mug Enamel Mug for Kids Mugs Unbreakable Mug Enamel Mug Tin Mug Metal Mug Camping Mug Travel Mug Coffee Mug Birthday Gift Ideas Campfire Mug Kids Mug Enamel Mug for Kids Mug Unbreakable Steel Mug Enamel Mugs Kitchen Decor Introducing a fabulous enamel mug metal mug. Having an awesomely crafted mug can act as a wonderful present to loved ones and close pals. Irrespective of the event or date. This item acts well as items that you use when you go hunting, camping or outside parties. Get inspired with our quotes on the mugs. It is good for your hot or cold tea or coffee. Because of how it is made, you can have it in your child's lunch box. Our enameled mugs come in stylish designs. One thing about these mugs is that we give every single one a rustic appearance with some bits of fine finishing to make them look lovely. They come well baked so that they retain their shine even after one wash. Each mug come styled by dedicated artists who put in lots of artistic touches. Each design comes resistant from losing its shine or even coming off at all. Every single product comes designed and packaged according to the requirements given by the customer. Each wrap of mug comes devoid of proof of payment of order document. But you get a quote chosen by you and item delivered to the hands of the person that you choose. Clients don't need to only run a PayPal credit. With a credit card, payment can be made. CUSTOMIZED REQUESTS We will need the following details: custom text, surname of the recipient, followed by a titled position in the document that you see before you finish making the order. DELIVER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Every order take a processing time of 3-5 days. This only will happen after the order has been successfully executed for the package. For other countries including America, there is a duration of 2-4 weeks after payment. This is not the same for Italy and Germany though. Where it is 3-5 weeks and almost 5 weeks for countries in Australia and Canada. IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PLEASE NOTE Our mugs are not to be used for Microwaves. This could be disastrous. Also, the sharpness of the mugs on the website may be a little different from its real image. This is because they're significantly enhanced on the computer. This is also the same for their size. They may be a bit different from reality. Images are protected by copyright. You'll need our permission to use them. Back to main shop here: Do inform us whenever you want to make an order.