Electric Mixer Blender

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Blending Arm Material: Stainless Steel
Function: Bean Product
Function: Juice Extractor
Function: Rice Paste
Function: Five Cereals
Function: Corn Juice
Function: Milk Tea & Jam
Function: Mung Bean Paste
Function: Pottage
Function: Fruit Juice
Function: Stirring
Function: Egg Stirring
Function: Milk Shake
Function: Mixing
Function: Dough Kneading
Features: Multifunctional
Features: With Whisk
Features: Turbo Mode
Model Number: EM-12
Controls Type: Push button
Housing Material: Plastic
Rotation Rate(RPM): 13000
Chopper Material: Stainless Steel
Style: Handheld
Number of Pieces: 1
Number of Speed Settings: 3