Top Tips to Enjoy Better Tasting Coffee

Top Tips to Enjoy Better Tasting Coffee



A steaming hot cup of coffee can give your morning the perfect start and prepare you for the hectic day that lies ahead. You can enjoy various types of coffee today, right from Iced Coffee and Mocha Coffee to Kona Coffee and Café Crème. But if you are fastidious about the taste of your coffee, you would probably like to put these tips to good use and improve your experience of taste of the beverage.



Use superior coffee beans



There is no guarantee about the freshness of coffee beans available at local grocery stores. These can be on the shelves for longer than you may imagine and can be stale – whether these are bagged or packed in gravity beans. It is best that you purchase coffee beans from an artisan coffee roaster or an independent coffee shop where you can verify when the beans have been roasted. You can understand whether the fresh roasted coffee beans are of gourmet variety.



Store the beans properly



Make sure that the beans are removed from the actual bag. Keep them in Glad Ware, Tupperware or any other similar airtight container. If the container is more opaque, it can keep out light better and more easily. Excess light can cause damage to the beans and make your coffee taste stale or flat. You should best store these in an opaque coffee container. Avoid storing the beans in a refrigerator or freezer, given that excess moisture can make them stale and not durable.



Grind the beans prior to use



How the coffee is ground has an impact on the final taste. You should grind it finely for espresso and coarsely for single serve and French press. Espresso grinds can make it feel anywhere between powdered sugar and regular sugar. In case of most auto-drip coffee makers, the grind needs to be finer as compared to a course one. While rubbing the beans between the fingers, you should feel a type of grind just like standard bread crumbs.



Measure well before grinding



Before grinding your coffee, you should weigh it in a proper way. If you want to make the cup of coffee have a well-rounded taste, you need to add around 22 gm (0.75 oz) to 8 oz of cold water. This is undoubtedly a good spot to start with and you can arrive at the best taste by adding or subtracting ground beans.