Is Coffee A Healthy Option For Your Body?

How to Make Your Coffee Healthier for Your Body?



Coffee is a healthy beverage that aids the body in more ways than one, such as by helping it lose weight, increasing energy levels, aiding in better blood sugar control and more. However, even the intake of coffee can produce some negative effects. Here are some useful tips to make your coffee healthier for your body.



Go for organic variety



Regular coffee contains a number of pesticides that are used during production. There are many organic options out there. You should choose an organic variety and give your support to agencies promoting practices of fair trade. Keep away from using flavored coffees that generally contain artificial flavorings.



Avoid the sugar



Once you avoid the sugar, your palette can adjust more to the different kinds of regional variations and roasts. Add some cream rather than sugar, which would help reduce the bitter taste of coffee. The natural sweetness of cream will also help you to get rid of sugar. Avoid using creamer concoctions or flavored cream, as these are composed of various chemicals, corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils.



Grind whole beans at home



Coffee beans can start breaking down when the contents within them get exposed to moisture and oxygen – which kill freshness and ruin the anti-oxidants. It can be better if you grind whole coffee beans and immediately have it after grinding. If you drink the coffee beans right after grinding, the oxidization of anti-oxidants will be minimized. Freshly ground coffee starts losing its freshness and taste a few days after grinding.



Restrict it to a single cup per day



If you are already drinking 10 or more cups a week, try to reduce it to 8 per week and then try reducing the intake further. Your liver cannot deal with too much caffeine. Try to reduce the intake slowly, until it is limited to just one cup per day. You can also reduce the intake of caffeine by including another brewing from the same coffee beans and adding half decaf in every cup – using only the Swiss mater method.



Drink coffee after meal



The caffeine in coffee leads to the suppression of your appetite and help you to go longer without food without any hunger pangs. Thus, having it before meal can reduce your intake of foods, release sugar into blood and make the pancreas release insulin. You can suffer from low blood sugar episodes. Thus, drinking it after meal can help avoid such issues.