Coffee On The Go


As a coffee lover, you must be fully aware of the temptation that overpower you anytime of the day, to just drink a cup or two. However, it can often happen that you do not have the required ingredients, do not have a cup, or because you are at a place with no coffee shop, for example while travelling. For such occasions, it is always handy to keep a small coffee pouch with you. Make it and keep it in locations you frequent and remember to refill your stash regularly.

All you need is some ground coffee or instant coffee powder, some non- dairy creamer, and sugar. Measure them carefully, and put it in a teabag. For best results use larger ones like used for sun tea. Fold the bag and iron the top of the tea bag, so that the material sticks to itself, or staple it together if you want. There is no hard and fast rule for this. and your ingredients are safe. Now your portable coffee pot is ready.

When you want some coffee, simply put the bag in a cup of water. boiling water works best, as the water will still be warm when the teabag finishes steeping.  If you cannot get boiling water, it will still work however it may take longer to reach desired strength.