Airplane Coffee


There’s no way to put this in an easy way: the coffee on airplanes is just plain bad. This mystery behind the tasteless, yet always repugnant liquid is a popular enigma, just waiting to be unraveled. Many people have had many various kinds of opinions on why this is the case. However, the most popular theory that many people believe is that simply, coffee on airplanes does not taste good because of changes in the atmospheric pressure around us. This theory holds true for not only for beverages such as coffee, but also for the airplane food as well.

However, according to recent studies, this is far from the truth. The atmospheric pressure around the plane does not matter as much as the one in the plane.  However, the water that you get in the plane does. Most of the water on airplanes that has been tested contains coliform, and various other kinds of bacteria as well. This not only hampers the taste of your coffee, but is also putting your life as risk.

As a coffee lover, you would want some of the beverage while you are on board. However, there is a way out for you. Simply: buy coffee from the airport. Nowadays, most airport retailers, in a bid to get more customers, use the best kind of products that are available in the market. While waiting for your plane, simply purchase a cup of coffee; you would get your fill, and at a much cheaper price.